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Dibba Al Fujairah, considered of the ancient historical civilization areas in the UAE, lies in the far northern frontiers of Fujairah where the coastal plains are rich and fresh water is plenty. Dibba is known of its many ancient castles, fortresses and remains. History of Dibba goes back to the eras of ancient civilizations whenit was an important commercial centre during the phoenician era.

Al bidya

Al Bidya city considered as an important human residence and settlement area all through the old history. Located 38 km north of Fujairah City and 25 km of Dibba City.
Al Bidya mosque is one of the most important archeological sites in Fujairah is surrounded by Al Bidya castle.


Masafi is located in the Hajar mountains on the crossroads of the highways to Fujairah and Dibba. It is well known for its freshwater springs, which provide water for extensive orchards.

An extensive ‘Friday market’ has developed near Masafi, with articles as diverse as vegetables, fruits and garden plants, woolen carpets, candy floss and roasted corn-on-the-cob, toys and items of pottery. Most of the fruit is imported, but some of the vegetables are grown locally. The pottery is based on local designs

Al Bithna
Driving from Fujairah into the mountains at the back of the city, the first village on the right set on the plain above Wadi Ham is Bithna. It is the site of a megalithic T-shaped tomb from the second millennium BC, Wadi Suq period, which was reused in the late first millennium BC; and of an impressive Late Islamic fort, commanding a strategic passage to the Wadi Ham, one of the main routes from east to west to the UAE’s Hajar mountains.
Eighteen kilometres north of Fujairah, along the coast road, lies the village of Qidfa. This is where an Iron Age (500 BC) horseshoe-shaped communal tomb was found during bulldozing work. It was excavated in 1986-1987 and yielded an important hoard of bronze weapons and bowls, jewellery, pottery and soapstone boxes and bowls. The collection is on display in Fujairah museum.