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Front Load Washing Machine: Is It The Right Washing Machine For You? (26 June 2021)

Are you moving to live alone? Then, it's time to purchase different appliances,and the most important one is a washing machine. The first decision to make is, are you purchasing a front load washing machine or a top load washing machine? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on what you need.

Even if you're looking to purchase a front load washing machine, brands differ in terms of capacity, features, load, and functions. That's when we come to save the day and tell you what to look for in a front load washing machine.

Why Buy a Front Load Washing Machine?

Front-load washing machines are better for the environment as they use less water and energy, but they're a bit pricy compared to a top-load washing machine.

Here's why you should purchase a front-load washing machine:

  • Gentle on clothes
  • Better for the environment (consumes less water and energy efficient)
  • Uses less detergent
  • More programs and higher temperature options
  • Cheaper to run over the long run
  • Smaller in size

But of course, there are a few downsides to it:

  • Long wash cycles
  • Expensive
  • Heavy to move
  • It can be loud and noisy when spinning

How to Choose your Front-Load Washing Machine?

There are a number of things you should look for when purchasing a washing machine. These include:


How many members are living in the household? Washing machine capacity can range between 5 kg to 18 kg, so finding asuitable washing machine capacity is simple. Afterall, you won't use the whole capacity, probably just half of it, during each laundry wash. 

Cycle Time

Front-load washing machines are not the fastest, but they have a 'quick 30' cycle – a 30-minute cycle suitable for a quick wash of a small laundry batch.

Space Available

Where are you going to place the washing machine? Does it fit? How big can it be? There are plenty of factors to think about when it comes to space and how you will be able to open the door and load the machine with what you need. Other factors to consider include if it needs a hot water inlet. 


Due to the fast spin speed, the front-load washing machine is loud. Hence, if it's close to your living room or bedroom, it can be annoying. Therefore, you should choose a washing machine with a slower spin speed.

Hot and/or Cold Water Connections

Does the washing machine need a hot or cold water connection? Or maybe it needs both. Usually, the front-load washing machine comes with a heater and only needs to be connected to cold water.

Hot water can be used to remove stains. That's why a dual-connection model can be helpful in the stain removal process by adding cold water first and then hot.

Ease of Use

No one wants a complicated washing machine with many features that they'll probably never use. That's why find a good quality front load washing machine with the options you need. If it's straightforward with clear labels on the control, you're good to go.

Child Lock

If you have children, the child lock feature is essential to avoid accidents and stop children from opening the door mid-cycle. You can also use it when the washing machine is not being used as children tend to play with it.

What Should You Purchase?

You'll never know which one you need until you compare models. Keep in mind the space you're placing the machine in and the features mentioned above. Some brands like Toshiba offer a sense dose feature that will measure how much detergent you'll need during a wash and are created with higher efficiency and reduced noise to meet customers' needs.

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