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Rotting fish, lost business and piles of red tape. The reality of Brexit hits Britain (23 Jan 2021)
Brexit might be done and dusted, but its specter will loom over Britain for a long time yet.

Prospects to convict Trump erode as GOP opposition grows (23 Jan 2021)
The path in the Senate to convict Donald Trump is extremely slim, with a growing number of Republicans expressing confidence that the party will acquit the former President on a charge that he incited the deadly insurrection aimed at stopping President Joe Biden's electoral win.

Chuck Schumer announces timeline for Trump impeachment (22 Jan 2021)
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announces details for the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump with the start of arguments to begin February 9, giving the Senate time to confirm President Joe Biden's Cabinet.

Cruz and Hawley have been playing with dynamite (23 Jan 2021)
Remember that time a violent mob smashed its way into the Capitol, killed a police officer and occupied the Senate chambers, hunting for terrified members of Congress who were forced to hide?

Protests in support of jailed opposition leader Navalny sweep across Russia (23 Jan 2021)
Protest rallies in support of detained Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny were taking place across Russia on Saturday, in defiance of the authorities and, in some cases, extremely low temperatures.

Chinese celebrity accused of abandoning surrogate babies in the US (23 Jan 2021)
At first, it seemed like a classic celebrity romance.

Biden's foreign diplomacy blitz begins (22 Jan 2021)
President Joe Biden had been inside the White House for only two hours on Wednesday before finding an opportunity to recall one of his many intimate meals with a foreign leader who, now they are both presidents, can officially be called a counterpart.

America's allies, listen up: It's still America First (23 Jan 2021)
His predecessor tweeted insults and made menacing threats against America's allies but US President Joe Biden proved just as formidable for Canada with a stroke of pen.

Ex-Trump official who backs Biden stimulus plan speaks out (22 Jan 2021)
Former Trump Economic Adviser Kevin Hassett tells CNN's Brianna Keilar why he supports President Biden's $1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan.

Bernie Sanders inauguration memes are what we needed (23 Jan 2021)
Each morning for the past four years, I have arisen from a tormented slumber like this:


Brexit reality: Rotting fish, lost business and red tape (23 Jan 2021)

18-month-old baby under house arrest with Bobi Wine 'safely evacuated' (23 Jan 2021)
The 18-month old niece of Bobi Wine's wife has been safely evacuated from their residence, where she had been under house arrest with the Ugandan politician and his wife, Wine told CNN's Becky Anderson Friday.

Why Russian-backed mercenaries are digging a huge trench in Libya (22 Jan 2021)
Construction on an enormous trench across Libya, dug by Russian-backed mercenaries Wagner, is raising fears that foreign fighters will not withdraw from the country by Saturday, as a UN-brokered peace deal insists.

See aftermath of deadly Madrid explosion (20 Jan 2021)
At least three people were killed in an explosion caused by a suspected gas leak in the Spanish capital, Madrid. See aerial footage of the damage it left behind.

The conflict with China is one thing Joe Biden won't be rushing to fix (21 Jan 2021)
US President Joe Biden is inheriting a tense and messy relationship with China from his predecessor.

He may hold the winning ticket in tech. Silicon Valley knows it (19 Jan 2021)
Mukesh Ambani has spent years trying to turn his inherited oil business into a tech empire. In 2020, that pivot really kicked into overdrive.

It's worth more than Disney, Nike and Coca-Cola. How this liquor brand took over China (18 Jan 2021)
When Costco opened its first store in China in 2019, it wasn't just the hot rotisserie chickens and discounted Birkin bags that lured frenzied crowds. A fiery, throat-tingling liquor called Kweichow Moutai also flew off shelves.

QAnon believers are in disarray after Biden's inauguration (21 Jan 2021)
For years, believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory had been waiting for the moment when a grand plan would be put into action and secret members of a supposed Satanic pedophilia ring at the highest ranks of government and Hollywood would suddenly be exposed, rounded up and possibly even publicly executed. They were nearly always sure it was right around the corner, but "The Storm" never came and the moment of Joe Biden's inauguration was the last possible opportunity for President Donald Trump to put the plan in motion.

Biden wants to avoid the Obama era's biggest economic mistake (20 Jan 2021)
The federal government didn't act aggressively enough in 2009 to fight the Great Recession. And the economic recovery was weaker as a result.

US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters (18 Sep 2019)
If you're looking for a reason to care about tree loss, the nation's latest heat wave might be it. Trees can lower summer daytime temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a recent study.

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